Community Engagement

Working in and with local communities

Mineral exploration companies offer rare opportunities for growth in smaller and more remote communities by creating jobs and supporting local businesses at all stages of mineral exploration and development. On success, operating mines generate substantial revenues and create unprecedented local opportunities for employment and business development. 

Stillwater Critical Minerals is committed to being a responsible corporation and a positive influence within the communities in its project areas. Its policy is to build a positive rapport with local communities, particularly with First Nations. This begins with understanding the vision, concerns, and general lifestyle of the community, and continues through a mutual understanding, whether formal or informal, on how to work together to advance both the project and the community. Where appropriate the Company enters into formal agreements with local communities to record the understandings and rapport.

Stillwater CM has built a strong and positive history of working in and with local communities for mutual benefit. Two key components of the approach are:

Contract and source locally, where feasible

Stillwater CM sources contractors locally whenever possible, providing training where necessary. Further, local businesses, including suppliers, equipment operators, drillers, technical consultants and more, are selected whenever possible, bringing real cost savings to the project and building good ‘social capital’ in the project areas.

The benefits of employing local expertise are numerous. As well as building good relations in the community by creating jobs, local hires possess a regional knowledge that compliments the skills of outside contractors and employees. In addition, sourcing local talent benefits the company and ultimately its investors through cost savings in the form of reduced mob/demob charges, and reduced room and board expenses.

Consult with First Nations

Consultation with First Nations begins early in the project with dialogue continuing as the exploration phases unfold. Early (pre-permit) meetings with First Nations have brought positive and mutually beneficial working agreements in the project areas, including commitments from Stillwater CM for job creation and training. The Company is fortunate to work in areas with experienced First Nations contractors, and is pleased to add to the local talent pool and support educational programs for individuals interested in mineral exploration.

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